Download Corner of Geometry Model(Free)

Here you can freely download the developments of geometry model such as regular polyhedrons. You can build them by printing and assembling the developments. The data disclosed here can be downloaded free of charge for everyone. It would be appreciated if it could be used on the educational purposes.

(Paper models of regular polyhedrons.)

Data format

The data open to the public here is .pdo files that were made with Pepakura Designer.
With the Pepakura Designer, it is possible to print by changing the size of the model, the size and the position of flaps, the style and the color of lines and layout of parts.
If you do not have Pepakura Designer, you can use free Pepakura Viewer (a pdo file viewer) for viewing and printing the data. You can build a white model by checking off [View]-[Use Materials for Face] when print.

(Snap shot of Pepakura Viewer. Corresponding faces are colored red)

In addition, if you have a CraftROBO (a cutting machine) and Pepakura Viewer for CraftROBO, the development can be cut by the automatic operation.

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Conditions for using the data

  • Everyone can use it by freely downloading it.
  • It doesn't care even if the one that the develpment was printed and the copy are distributed to others.
  • You can not pretend the production origin.

Regular polyhedron

Here are all five regular polyhedrons. Each polyhedron is a size that is inscribed to the sphere of 10cm in the diameter.


Download [tetrahedron.pdo] (3KB)


Download [cube.pdo] (4KB)


Download [octahedron.pdo] (4KB)


Download [dodecahedron.pdo] (23KB)


Download [icosahedron.pdo] (9KB)


Data of Pyramid that the bottom is inscribed to a circle of 5cm in the radius and the height is 10cm.

Regular 3 pyramid

Regular 4 pyramid

Regular 6 pyramid

Regular 8 pyramid

Regular 16 pyramid

Regular 64 pyramid

Download [] (18KB)
(The development data of a set of above pyramids are zipped.)


Data of Prism that the bottom is inscribed to a circle of 4cm in the radius and the height is 8cm.

Regular 3 prism

Regular 4 prism

Regular 6 prism

Regular 8 prism

Regular 16 prism

Regular 64 prism

Download[] (24KB)
(The development data of a set of above prisms are zipped.)

Truncated Polygons

Truncated Polygons are generated by truncating vertices of regular polygons. There are 5 truncated polygons as regular polygons.

Truncated Tetrahedron

Truncated Cube

Truncated Octahedron

Truncated Dodecahedron

Truncated Icosahedron

Download[] (30KB)